Super Finishing Price List

All parts must be disassembled, cleaned & degreased
The better the surface finish & the harder the metal, the better the results will be from Super Finishing.

PROCESS: CASF, list price below    
Paste, F1 process, plus 30% on list price below

Minimum charge $300+GST


Gear Box Components = $500 to $800+GST
This is inclusive of shafts & gears

Diff shafts & gears = $350+GST

Piston Engine Components:
Complete engine parts = $1000 to $1500+GST
Cranks = $450+GST
Con Rods, crank pins & gudgeon pins = $350
Cylinder head components, per head = $350 to $500+GST

Rotary Engines:
Complete Engines = $800 to $900 +GST
Eccentric Shaft = $400+GST

Rotors & small components:
Two rotor = $450+GST
Three rotor = $500+GST

Go-cart engines & Motorcycles 4 & 2 stroke:
Complete engines = $400 to $1200+GST
Gear box set, including clutch gears = $300 to $550+GST
Cranks = $300 to $450+GST
Cylinder head components = $300 to $500+GST

We can process most industrial & automotive parts

Please note: This is a price guide, prices may vary depending on quantity of each part.
Please call us on 09 636 9709 for a quote for any other automotive or industrial components