Whenever metal parts come into contact with one another, contact stresses and friction occur. These reduce performance and the life of the components. Super Finishing will improve performance and component life, and save money by reducing the damage caused by contact stress.

Super Finishing is a mechanical process, incorporating ceramic media and compounds in a vibratory finishing machine. The process reduces surface imperfections and stress risers, in addition to improving lubrication.

Gains in performance are between 2% and 7%, depending on engine and transmission type parts lasting 5 times longer than non-super finished parts.

Super finishing is currently used in Formula One, Indy, NASCAR, Superbikes, MotoGP, V8 Supercars, Wind Turbines, and the tail rotor gears of helicopters, as well as in many industrial and medical applications.

Many of New Zealand’s champions have had to send parts overseas to be super finished. Now it can be done right here, without the expense and time delay of international freight.